Sorry it’s been quite awhile since I last posted. Busy times. Hope to do some catching up in the next few weeks on items I should have posted here. Today I want to focus on an exciting new development – My Fair Lady at Arena Stage.

We began rehearsals early this month with previews starting Nov. 2. It’s a great show and a tremendous group of talented performers. Manna Nichols and Benadict Campbell play Eliza Doolittle and Henry Higgins, respectively. Molly Smith brings her deft touch as director. Paul Sportelli is music director, and Daniel Pelzig is choreographer.

Speaking of choreography … they are keeping me moving, moving, moving in this show. No, I’m not doing any fantastic triple pirouettes (I don’t have a license to do them). But after bounding about the stage most of yesterday in various numbers, my body FEELS them. lol

For anyone who likes American Musical Theatre, this is going to be a great show. And because of Molly’s insistence on grounded, character-based staging across the board, it’ll be a good show for folks who like good theatre and good acting, period. And because it has within it so many fabulous Lerner & Lowe songs that have become part of American popular music, it’ll be an awesome show for people who love good music.

Check out a few snippets from our first rehearsal.


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