As a singer/songwriter/performer, I find that I always have a song or two in the queue.  Songs that are begun but only partially finished.

Recently, I had an interesting experience in which I had some songs I was working on — more than two in draft, actually.  I had mapped out the chord progressions and time signatures for two of these songs.  Had a smattering of lyrics for each.  Yet I wasn’t making any progress on either.  I’d pull one out; play through it; ponder it; and put it back away.

Until just the other day.  That’s when I pulled one out.  Made no more progress.  Then I pulled the other one out immediately after.  And suddenly it occurred to me that I should try switching the chord progressions.  You know, take the subject matter/lyrics of one and put it with the other tune.  Guess what?  Yep, you guessed it.  They were much better that way.  And I started making some inroads on them BOTH. 

Isn’t that funny?  I suppose I had them wrong ways around (bass ackwards) from the start.  Glad I pulled them out one right after another, or I may have remained in limbo on writing them for some time to come.  Now I just have to set aside enough time in the schedule to finish them.

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