It isn’t often that I sing the praises of a commercial.  But I have to admit that the first time I saw this ad, I was impressed.

For me it isn’t about the commercial’s theme – the indirect selling of an automobile – but the beautiful way the underlying story of a dad and his young daughter who is going off for the first day of school is told.  From top to bottom it is a quality piece of work.  The actors – the father and the young girl – provide outstandingly honest and subtle performances.  The director did a marvelous job with the actors as well as finding a way to tell the story overall.  And the photography is very pleasing to the eye – kudos to the DP and his or her crew!

I tried to find credits for the commercial online, but I wasn’t savvy enough to find them.  If you know any of their names, please leave a comment and let me know.  They deserve to be called out for a job well done.

Update:  Check out the comments!  mojo shared that the song featured on the ad – “Keep Me In Mind” –  is by Tashaki Miyaki.  Tom W knows the actor playing the dad – Marcus Nelson.  Trudi tells us that the ad agency responsible for the ad is Carmichael Lynch and that the young actress’s name is Daisy.

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  1. The dad is a guy I went to high school with in Katy Texas. His name is Marcus Nelson but he may have changed it for acting. I see him in a lot of commercials.

  2. Flawless. I loved this commerical so much, everything about it, so I found out the ad agency – Carmichael Lynch in Minneapolis – and wrote to them with congrats…also asked for name of the adorable actress. I received very gracious personal reply. Also learned the little actress is Miss Daisy W. (worry about giving her last name here…but you could contact the ad agency for it). Isn’t is just too perfect that her name is Daisy?

    1. Trudi, I’m with you about this little girl’s name – perfect. I’ ve watched this commercial several times and I just love her little face. And I love the way she is dressed – traditional little school girl – no too grown-up inappropriate cloths for her like we see on a lot of playgrounds

  3. In the Subaru, cut the cord commercial, I am trying to look at other pictures of the actor who plays the dad.
    I feel like I went to school with this Gentlemen ….how can I find out more information on him, Marcus Nelson?

  4. This IS my favorite commercial. When I fast-forward the commercials and this plays, I stop(and rewind) just to watch it. The little girl is a doll. Brings water to the eyes every time.

  5. I was so moved by one particular expression on this little girl’s face that I have been looking all over the Internet too to see if I could learn any more. How one little expression on one little face can be so powerful is remarkable.

  6. Wonderful production all around! Outstanding direction and casting. Both actors are marvelous, but little Daisy (seriously? That’s her real name?) is beyond breathtaking. Get her to Steven Spielberg NOW!

  7. I love Subaru’s commercials, but this one is my very favorite. I have watched it on line over and over. The father’s and daughter’s expressions perfectly display their emotions and really tug at my heart strings. I’ve never seen a commercial with everything and everyone so amazingly and perfectly matched! And, their “Baby Driver” commercial is also one that gets me every time!!

  8. Love this commercial, it touches my heart and makes me smile every time I see it. Today was my grand daughter’s first day of school and as I waited for her school bus with her little hand in mine, I couldn’t help but think of this sweet commercial…and smile!

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