Yes, it’s true!  It has been almost 5 months since one of my narration projects was first published on Audible.

So far it’s been pretty darned good!  None of my audiobooks is a runaway best seller – YET, he says with his heart full of hope – but they’re all selling.  The first one was the Frank Herbert short story, The Priests of Psi.  I have to admit, it was an honor to start at Audible with a project by such a well-known, respected author.  Since then, I’ve gotten to work on a number of other great stories.  You can click on this LINK to check them out.

The only notable issue so far was an equipment problem that arose while working on my last project – the very fun teen lit horror story, Last Summer, by J.W. Bouchard.  It took awhile to track down the culprit that was playing games with my takes.  Turned out to be a power (electrical) situation – can you imagine?  It really didn’t occur to me at the outset that the wiring in my old abode would affect my recording efforts.  But it definitely did.  Of course, they do call it ELECTRonics.  lol  Glad that’s been taken care of!

Now, I’m excited to be working on my fifth project (more info on that later) and looking forward to more outstanding stories in the future.

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