I watch TV.  Of course I do.  Even so, my schedule often prevents me from tuning in when shows I’d like to watch are on.  In that regard, Netflix and on demand cable have been a boon for me – allowing me to watch things on my own timetable as well as to discover and enjoy such gems as the BBC America show “Orphan Black” and the Netflix original “House of Cards.”

Happily, though, this past weekend I had a bit of a break.  So on Friday night when I fired up the Xfinity menu, I saw the options for Watchathon.  Watchawhat?  I had somehow missed the announcements.  Oh, but I was quick to dive in and became a weekend Watchathonamaniac!  As a result, I am now officially hooked on 3 shows that I am going to have to follow up on.

1.  I finally understand what all the fuss is over “Game of Thrones.”  I’d seen a few episode and didn’t like it.  What can I say?  I just didn’t.  Now that I’ve seen season one, I’m in.

2.  Although it only ran for a couple of seasons about a decade ago, “Carnivale” has also caught my fancy. After a few episodes, I find the underlying premise and some of the characters quite fascinating.

3.  “Da Vinci’s Demons” from Starz is another interesting show.  It’s a bit like watching MacGyver in Renaissance Italy.  lol  Still, I think there is a nifty cast of darned good actors portraying many of the supporting and tangential roles along with strong performances from the principals.

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