Have you ever opened a drawer, suddenly noticed something that has heretofore been just background, and thought, “What is that doing there?”  I know this is slightly off topic for this blog.  Please forgive this detour.  It’s a very “in the moment” kind of thing, though.  lol

So … it happened to me just the other day.  I was doing a little clearing out.  Thus, things that had lain unseen and unconsidered for some time were the object of my attention.  That’s when I noticed this button.

Interesting little alien-looking mascot announcing an international exposition in Japan?  Sure … OK, I’ve been to Japan.  Except as I looked more closely at the dates, I realized that I didn’t travel to Japan in ’85.  And that means that I never attended this exposition!  Hmm.  How did I get a button for an international event I was never at?

I did attend an international exposition in Japan.  It was a world’s fair on Okinawa called Expo ’75.  I remember that one quite clearly.  It was there I realized that I probably shouldn’t go on any ocean cruises.  They had a small model of a floating city called the Aquapolis moored at the site.  I recall they had a funky entrance ramp that had odd bumps under the floor covering in an attempt to fool your inner ear and make you oblivious to the fact that you were essentially on a boat.  Aside from almost falling on my face because I tripped on one of the bumps, it didn’t do a thing for me.  It certainly didn’t reduce my awareness of the gentle, rolling back-and-forth, back-and-forth of that “City of the Future.”  I took a quick self-guided tour and hurried back to land before my visit became even more memorable.  Whew!

Anyway, what about the chachkies at Expo 75?  Well, I remember getting a sun hat in the shape of an upside down tulip with the Expo ’75 logo on it and the waves repeating all the way around the brim.  I burn fairly easily; I didn’t have sunscreen with me; so I purchased the souvenir hat for the occasion.  It was one of the ugliest hats I’ve ever worn — on me.  It was, however, incredibly handy because it folded up so small it could be tucked away in a hip pocket.  Even so, I don’t remember wearing it too often beyond that day.  The upside down tulip just didn’t seem to complement the shape of my head.  LOL  This button, however, doesn’t make the replay tapes in my memory.

Photo by Gio von Gryneck

Could I have gotten it as a promo handout while wandering through the various pavilions at Expo ’75?  I guess so.  Of course, the real question is, “How did a button from an event I never attended stay with me for so many years?”  No, you will not see me on “Hoarders: Buried Alive!”  While some potential answers may be disturbing, I think I may have this figured out.  When in doubt, blame the parents!

They also attended Expo ’75, and they’ve always been big into memorabilia – not from stars and celebrities but just from their lives.  I suppose it’s been their way of celebrating the process of living life to the best of their ability.  A few year ago, they were cleaning out their archives and foisted upon (I mean gave) us kids some of their collection so we could reminisce.  No doubt this little button was in among the items they gifted me at the time.  Funny how I didn’t notice then that it was for another event entirely.

Come to think of it, though, I guess it really did serve the purpose for which they intended it.  It provided me with a little mystery to explore, and in the process it brought back lots of memories from the Expo we did attend.  Well done, Mom and Dad!  Well done.


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