Had an awesomely fun evening at the Black Fox Lounge last night.  Invited to join in the April Jazz Showcase at the Black Fox with music director Oren Levine, I brought a couple of my own tunes and a cover to the festive evening.  Although my tunes were a bit of a genre departure, the audience was warm and welcoming.

It was my first visit to the Black Fox, and I was impressed.  It’s a small venue with two floors of music – primarily jazz.  My friends said it reminded them of some of the cool, small clubs in NYC.

As far as the showcase went, it was a tremendous mash-up of jazz, jazzed-up standards, Oren Levine originals and cabaret tunes in addition to some pop and a little alt. country to boot (that would be me – lol).  To be honest, the stars of the evening were the instrumentalists – Oren Levine on piano, Winston Johnson on drums and Charlie Himel on bass.  They were amazingly facile at moving from song to song and style to style with alacrity.  Vocalists on hand included Jazz Showcase mainstay Barbara Papendorp along with guest vocalists Andrew Harmon, Deirdre Jennings, and me.   We also had a last minute addition – a jazz flute player named Eric (a coworker of Barbara’s) who was fantastic.

Thanks to everyone who came out to hear us!  And big thanks to Barbara Papendorp and Oren Levine for inviting me to join in the fun!

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