I have to admit that I pretty much took 2015 off as far as songwriting.  No, I didn’t forget about it completely.  I sat down plenty of times to try and make progress on something.  But, in the end, it didn’t seem to get me anywhere.  Writer’s block, if you want to call it that.

Funny thing is … I had the necessary stuff for jump-starting my inspiration close at hand all the time.  In a book (a series, actually) that I had been reading.  I liked the book – plot, characters, subtext and perceived symbolism within.  I just really liked it (and the sequels).  Got through the whole story across this past year.

Still making no progress on my other songs (I have myriad partially-written tunes waiting), very recently I finally decided to sit down and try writing a song that you could consider like a theme song for the book – the story – if it were made into a movie.  Like fan fiction – only music.  Fan music?  Is that a genre?

Much to my joy (and relief), the lyrics and tune just began to flow naturally.  Not without some work, of course.  And it is still being edited and caressed.  But I sure do wish I’d brought that book into my songwriting sessions months ago.  Whatever happens – however good or bad the resulting song turns out to be – that so-called writer’s block is history.  Yay!  Just in time for a new year of composing tunes to start off right.

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