I can’t say I like being stuck inside due to dangerously inclement weather, but I was very fortunate that my family and I were able to remain safe during the blizzard just past.  I did lose some income due to cancelled work, and I probably got a little fatter due to a sedentary weekend.  On the other hand, this storm had a particularly fortuitous timing from my viewpoint.

As you probably know, the SAG Awards are coming up on January 30.  Yes, indeed, we are in the last week of consideration by the membership before votes are due.  Many years I find myself struggling to schedule the time to finish watching all the nominated shows and movies.  Jonas, of course, completely cleared my calendar beginning Friday night right through tomorrow (Monday) morning.  And that has afforded me the opportunity to binge watch the nominees!

So far I’ve gotten through 4 of the television productions I hadn’t seen previously and 5 movies.  I still have a few hours to go, so I may well cram in a couple more viewings thanks to Jonas the Snowzilla.  And why not?  After all, tomorrow it’s right back to the daily grind.


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