No, I didn’t book a gig in NYC. Not yet ….  LOL But I did get the chance to perform two songs in Manhattan on a recent Sunday night. How? Simple: an open mic.  Although not the same kind of open mic you might typically expect to find in other parts of the country, it was a great evening of music and fun among a very welcoming group of singers, musicians, and songwriters.

The open mic I went to is called The Salon and is a regular Sunday evening event at restaurant Etcetera, Etcetera on West 44th Street. As it’s only steps from major Broadway theaters, there was some real talent in the house. The setup is that the host/pianist is available to play your music, and vocal mics are available for the performers.  You can also hop on the piano yourself if you wish.  I don’t know that they are prepared to handle guitar plugin on the PA, but their mixing board has more than enough channels. I didn’t take my guitar anyway.  Since I didn’t have any of my original songs written out in a proper chord chart, etc., I sang two covers (Not Over You, Gavin DeGraw; Snow in July, Garth Brooks) for which I had sheet music. And, yes, you need to bring your own sheet music.

The regular pianist/host is Mark Janas, and producer is Tanya Moberly. The night I visited, the guest host/accompanist was Ian Herman who did an awesome job. His solo work was amazing as well.  Ian was joined by co-host Dawn Derow, a very talented singer/performer whose current show in the big city is a retrospective of songs from 1941.

Again, I had a blast. And … the food was very good, too.


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