I like to think working as a narrator is a creative endeavor. In my mind, it’s a bit like being a vocalist who’s singing a song composed by someone else. It’s interpretive, perhaps, but creative nonetheless.

When the stay-at-home orders were issued a year ago, my ability to go into the studio where I’d been recording was halted. Full stop! I thought about taking over a portion of my apartment for an in-home studio. Unfortunately, developers had just begun a three high-rise building project across the street, and their progress didn’t stop. For me to have a successful home studio, it would have to be an audio Fort Knox with all the racket they’ve been making.

Frustrated though I was, it didn’t take long before I started looking for another outlet, another means of expressing my (dare I say) artistic impulses. In the end, where I landed wasn’t too terribly far from narration. I started writing a book, moving from interpreter to creator!

I won’t say it’s been easy. Writing is a heck of a lot of work! I have a newfound appreciation and respect for the books I’ve had the privilege of voicing – from lengthy tomes to children’s picture books alike – and their authors. Even so, I’ve found the experience very rewarding. I guess I should say I’m finding it rewarding. It’s not like I’ve gotten anything published. Ha! Not even close. What I currently have are two incomplete books in varying stages of development. One is fantasy, and one is science fiction. Will either of them ever see the light of day or a reading lamp? I certainly hope so! I continue to move through them – researching, writing, editing and plotting my way forward. Or is that plodding? LOL

Speaking of which, I’d better cut this short so I can see how that scene on the alien ship works out. Later!

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