As I mentioned in a recent post, I started my own writing journey after I got locked down at home without my usual avenues of creative expression available. And before you say anything about songwriting, let me clarify; I have not been stuck at home alone. In a small apartment, noisy endeavors are frowned upon when others are on a work Zoom.

So I turned to writing. I started by doing some personal writing, basically journaling. That whetted my appetite for more. I wanted to write fiction, a novel. Hey! Why not aim big, right? Before putting pen to paper (or fingertips to keyboard), though, I tried to inform myself. I read books and watched all the how-to videos I could find on YouTube. That’s how I came across one of Brandon Sanderson’s classes. Woah! Just what the lockdown ordered – for me, for my nascent novel. Here was a successful author in a genre I wanted to write in sharing some of the secrets of his success. Outstanding!

Watching that first video rolled into another, then another. Soon I’d watched all the Sanderson classes in one full course which led to the same course from another year. At this point, I’ve attended four years’ worth of Brandon Sanderson lectures. Clearly, I think they’re worthwhile! Why? He does a good job articulating fundamental aspects of writing and what it’s like to be an author today. While he focuses on conventional publishing because that’s his experience, Sanderson doesn’t ignore self publishing.

If you’re just starting out like me, you could do worse than watching some of his classes. Yes, he talks a lot about fantasy, but most of his lessons are applicable to any fiction. Basics are basics. Click HERE to browse Sanderson lectures on YouTube.

I also read the initial version of his mega-hit The Way of Kings before reading the published version. Comparing the before and after stories was like a master class. He called the previously unreleased book The Way of Kings Prime and made it downloadable free in pdf, mobi and epub at his website. If you want to read it, too, click this LINK to navigate there.

Happy reading, watching and writing!

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