As I mentioned recently, during my shelter-at-home stay, I haven’t been able to engage in songwriting because of the close quarters. I’m just too noisy when I’m working on a song. That doesn’t mean I’ve not been thinking about new songs. I have! In fact, I’ve written the lyrics for a few. Just no music yet.

The subject matter of the new drafts has varied, but I can assure you not one is about Covid-19, vaccinations, wearing masks, or being trapped at home. I know many artists – of all kinds – can react in the middle of an experience and produce art that reflects what they’re going through right then. When I think about my process, though, it seems just the opposite.

For instance, if I’m up and life is good, that’s when I write the deeply sad songs. When I’m in the gutter and hanging on by a thread, the happy tunes come out. I think it’s a mechanism my subconscious uses to help me. When I’m happy, I can safely reflect on the difficult times without becoming despondent. And when I’m in the doldrums, the inner Joe recognizes the need to remember happier times – the joy and celebration. So, my mind naturally turns to those subjects instead of wallowing in sadness (in my songwriting, anyway). I don’t do it consciously. It just happens, and I appreciate that. I really do!

I KNOW I’ll be writing some tunes about all this pandemic mess sometime soon. There’s just too much fodder to be left untouched. But I’m probably going to have to wait until we all return to a semblance of normalcy before I dig into that store of inspiration. In the meantime, I’ll keep working on those lyrics about the great outdoors, unbridled freedom, and travel to exotic places. LoL

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