A Rose by Any Other Name?

Nom de plume, pen name, alias, cover, whatever label you care to use, it amounts to the same thing – adopting a false moniker for the purpose of concealing your true identity. Sounds dishonest, doesn’t it? So why is it many authors choose to write under an assumed name? Good question! Better yet, why am…


Plotter or Pantser?

I found myself asking that very question last year as I pondered beginning my first attempt at a novel. I’d learned enough to know writers tend to fall into one or the other category. Some plan their book, the plot of their story, fully in advance of writing. Those are the plotters. The pantsers, on…


Keeping It Creative

I like to think working as a narrator is a creative endeavor. In my mind, it’s a bit like being a vocalist who’s singing a song composed by someone else. It’s interpretive, perhaps, but creative nonetheless. When the stay-at-home orders were issued a year ago, my ability to go into the studio where I’d been…


Writing Songs Again

Unfortunately, I took a break from songwriting for … quite awhile.  I understand, of course, that there are times when it’s good to take a break and allow the creative juices to recharge.  That wasn’t exactly what happened in this case, but maybe the circumstances that resulted in the hiatus have done me a favor….


Still Getting Spins -ITCL

The album I released almost three years ago, In The City Lights, surprises me with it’s ability to get radio play.  I recently did some checking and found that the song “Change Me” received multiple spins in 2015 on TLC radio New Zealand and on internet radio by DJ Nicole.  Many thanks to TLC and…