Keeping It Creative

I like to think working as a narrator is a creative endeavor. In my mind, it’s a bit like being a vocalist who’s singing a song composed by someone else. It’s interpretive, perhaps, but creative nonetheless. When the stay-at-home orders were issued a year ago, my ability to go into the studio where I’d been…


Books To Die For

If you are a mystery buff, you should definitely pick this up.  It’s an anthology of essays (over 100) by today’s mystery writers on their favorite tales and favorite authors that influenced them.  Edited by John Connolly and Declan Burke, Books to Die For: The World’s Greatest Mystery Writers on the World’s Greatest Mystery Novels…


5 Months On Audible

Yes, it’s true!  It has been almost 5 months since one of my narration projects was first published on Audible. So far it’s been pretty darned good!  None of my audiobooks is a runaway best seller – YET, he says with his heart full of hope – but they’re all selling.  The first one was…


Golden Boy

When I saw the title of this book, I made a mental guess as to what it might be about.  When I saw the cover art, I realized I was dead wrong.  I’m glad. I was very pleased to have the opportunity to work on this wonderful story by first-time novelist Tara Sullivan.  Ms. Sullivan’s…


Watch Out For Black Ice

Some time ago I was given the opportunity to narrate a book by Andrew Lane.  The novel, The Death Cloud (Sherlock Holmes: The Legend Begins), is a prequel to the entire Sir Arthur Conan Doyle body of work.  In fact, Mr. Lane was given official dispensation to pen that new book by the Sir Arthur…


The Living

Ever accidentally stumble across a book and have it be just what you needed at the time? I don’t mean self-help books, necessarily. Whether you’re reading romance, adventure, mystery, biography, metaphysical, etc., sometimes a book comes along and just hits the spot. That’s what happened with me and The Living by Matt de la Peña….